Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to put together a list, and answer some of some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please give us call or send an email.

We've been selling plans online for more than 10 years now, so we're well established and have many many references. You want to purchase from an organization that will be there for you not just now, at the time of purchase, but also down the road when it's time to actually use the policy or when you need to help transferring the agreement to the next owner when you sell it.

We've recently been accredited with the Better Business Bureau which provides an added layer of security so you can feel comfortable that you're doing business with a reliable and reputable business.

Asside from being reputable, we also offer the best pricing available. Often coming in many HUNDREDS of dollars less than our competitors.

In my mind the real question is, why wouldn't you purchase your next policy from Factory Discount Warranty?

You may not have noticed it at the bottom of the page, but we are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau

Yes, all the plans offered are the genuine factory backed plans, exactly the same as you'd get from your local dealership.

It's essentially by selling them in high volume. By offering the plans at just slightly over cost, I'm able to sell enough of them to justify the small profit margins. I just look at the big picture, rather than the profit made on an individual sale.

No. There's no sales tax or any other fee's. Even if you're a Massachusetts resident, because they're a non-taxable item in Mass.

Because it gives me the opportunity to sell to people that under normal circumstances I would not get chance at. Every plan that we sell online is essentially a bonus to our normal dealership operations.

Because we are an authorized franchise dealer for each of the makes listed on the homepage. You are welcome to both call the individual dealerships directly to verify that I'm an employee as well as contacting the adminstrator for any of the plans sold to verify that we are authorized to sell them. I'd be happy to provide any contact information anyone would like. Just click on the Contact Us button above to reach me. Also, for references, you can click on the testimonial link on the right.

Yes, but in this case it would have to be for a 3rd party plan. Contact me for more information. We only have franchises for the makes listed on the homepage.

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