Our customers have said

"From personal experience, I would NEVER buy a warranty not backed by the vehicle manufacturer. They may be cheaper, but when push come to shove, you have a much higher likelihood of getting the short end of the deal.

I was pretty impressed with the price Troy gave me, it was $700 off of the MSRP. Heck, my local Lexus dealer didn't even have the courtesy to return my call about the warranty even though he wanted to charge me full MSRP, Troy got it done over the phone with a few faxes, and no hassles.

After the Nav system had some sort of a meltdown at just over 50k miles, the warranty already paid for itself... twice."

KaP LS430, Club Lexus

"Just got the paper work back today from Troy and wanted to give him a big thank you for the fast great service. I also purchased the service maintenanice agreement 4 year 55,000 mile plan.

After looking over all the paper work, seems all to be in order and what a great feeling saving all that money VS what my local dealer wanted.


Jiw395, PriusChat

"Just got my 7/75 Toyota Platinum for $xxx.xx from Troy at Greenfield. He was helpful in sharing different options with me and not at all pushy. I would recommend him. Did the whole transaction by phone and fax. He sent the receipts within a few days and I got the warranty info from Toyota within a couple of weeks. Everything seems to be in order. Would recommend them to anyone.

My dealer (at time of purchase) wanted $1500 for the warranty (7/100) and never explained the other mileage or time options to me. It was pretty much take it or leave it. Glad I left it..."

TimBikes, PriusChat

"By far Troy is the best one. He also offers the best warranty. The dealerships in South Louisiana offer a different x-warr...... My wife sells Toyota's and her dealership can't even come close to what Troy can do. I bought mine 2 years ago and we are going to get 2 more from him. One for my wife's new 4runner and 1 for the new Tundra I am getting next week. Give him a call. "

Southrnplayr, Tundra Solutions

"I just got my paperwork today for a 4 year/48,000 mile warranty with zero deductible from Troy Dietrich. Having sent numerous query emails back and forth it turns out that Troy spends his days dealing with folks like us and requests only from the internet. The one I bought was the VW RealDriver Platinum program. One of the things he mentioned was pricing and how the program changed just recently. Now when you purchase a warranty the time and mileage starts from the date of the warranty purchase, not the build date of the car. "

EnchantedEgg, Club Touareg

Call Troy Dietrich of Toyota of Greenfield, Ma. I bought a Fidelity for my 2012 Cayenne Turbo. Cheapest by far and I called around to many Porsche and non-porsche dealers.

Speedvagen, RennList

I bought from Troy at FD warranty. It is a straight deal. You get the same warranty you get from the dealer, the Audi sanctioned extended warranty. The paperwork is all Audi. After you buy, your Audi deler can see you have an extended warranty on their computer, just like you bought it fom that dealer.

You do not need to buy it before or at the same time you take delivery, so don't be pressured. I waited until I had 7500 miles, and the price is still the same as a new car. Ask Troy how many miles you can go before the price changes.

Fd warranty is the real deal, so relax.

Weth, Audi World

Just registered my 2008 Ford Fusion AWD with the Ford ESP warranty. Troy was a pleasure to deal with. Great Communication. I live in Manitoba, Canada and even my Ford Dealer said, "buy it from Troy". They couldn't even come close to what Troy was able to sell the warranty for. Peace of mind for the next 4 yrs. I would highly recommend Troy and will be getting another ESP Warranty for my Edge sport when the time comes.

Thanks, .

Collette Schneider, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

I recently purchased a ESP Premium Care Warranty from Troy Dietrich at FD-Warranty. The transaction could not have gone any smoother. I pestered Troy with numerous questions and options. He was very helpfull and had plenty of patients with me.

I would recommend them to any one interested in a ESP.

Boxcar1974, Ford Truck Enthusiasts

Talk to that Troy Dietrich guy I made a reference of a few post up. He works for greenfield toyota in MA. They own several brand franchises (VW and Audi) among others. He can sell you the same VW extended warranty that you can buy at any other VW dealer for much less. Why you ask??? Volume counts!

Sheaffer, VW Vortex