About Us

A Little History

Factory Discount Warranty was created as a way of consolidating our online warranty sales. This way I am able to maintain just one voice mail and email address rather than having to use separate ones for each of our dealerships. I originally started this endeavor a number of years ago by selling Toyota warranty plans online through a connection within the Yahoo online user groups while I was working as the business manager of our Toyota dealership. From there it spread to other groups, forums, and chatrooms. Sales continued growing until time constraints made it impossible for me to continue as the business manager at which time I made the switch to selling warranty plans online full-time...

In 2006, our Toyota dealership was purchased by a partnership of which one of the partners was also an owner of a multi-franchise operation that included Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, Saab, Porsche, and Kia. Which along with our pre-existing sister dealership Ford of Greenfield (formerly known as Sweeney Ford), set the stage for me to start offering the warranty plans for all of our dealerships. And so Factory Discount Warranty was born.

If anyone is interested, my name is Troy Dietrich, I've been in the automotive business since 1987. Starting as a saleperson I worked my way up through several positions including Finance & Insurance (now most commonly referred to as the Business Manager), and Sales Manager before coming to Toyota of Greenfield in the early nineties as their Business Manager. Though most of my education and previous background is all in computer science. I guess that's probably as much information as anyone would want to know about me personally.

Thanks for reading. Below is a little slideshow and description of the dealerships we represent and work with.

FD-Warranty : Multi-Dealership Representation

As previously stated, we represent and issue our extended warranty policies through multiple dealerships that are all owned by the same family. On the left is a short slideshow showing the facilities.

Yes, we're an actual brick and mortor (and iron) store, not just a nebulous inter-web company.

I welcome anyone to stop by and visit me any time, I'm always happy to give people the grand tour and get my head out of my computer for a few minutes.